The Woods Wonderland

Treehouse, Tuddenham

The Brief

This treehouse structure was designed for a private woodland. The brief was to give the whole family a reason to go to a less used part of the woods. It needed to be exciting for the children but also to lend itself to more relaxed adult socialising.

The Design

The lower Family Platform is easily accessible by stairs. There’s space to spread a picnic rug, or even seat 6-8 people around a table. It’s raised off the floor, and is built around a tree which comes up through the deck, so you feel like you’re immersed in the woods.

The Result

From the Family Platform, you can choose between a balance beam up to The Den, or a cargo net up even higher to The Lookout. There’s a slide and a fireman’s pole for quick descent, and a beautifully tactile climbing wall, for a more challenging way up or down.

This structure is packed with play features, ropework and our woodland style traditional carpentry, to make a magical destination deep amongst the sweet chestnut trees.


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