Hobbit Houses & Play Dens

Hobbit Houses & Play Dens

Experience adventure and magic with our play dens and hobbit houses, designed for both public spaces and private gardens.

We believe that sensory and imaginative play are essential to childhood development. That’s why we create play areas, play dens and hobbit houses that infuse the excitement and beauty of the natural world into schools and gardens, providing children with physical challenges that help them grow in strength and confidence.

We make sweet little dens for kids to hide and feel safe, and high up places for a sense of excitement and a different view of the world. We make hidey holes and log tangles, climbing walls and monkey bars, swings, platforms and slides. We make mud kitchens, stations for sand and water play, nooks to read books all in our magical woodland style to inspire wonder, creativity and varied role play.

Our play areas and hobbit houses are designed to nurture a child’s imagination and encourage them to explore the world around them.

View our design process:

The Woodcutter’s Cottage & Garden
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Chestnut Cottage Hobbit House
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King’s Ely Acremont Hobbit House
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Interested in creating your own magical hobbit house or play den?

Some of our Designs

Our designs are often themed by their surroundings, and we work closely with you to add magic to every space. Each setting is unique, and we take inspiration from nature to craft a space that’s both practical and magical. Our projects can include plantings that provide shelter or promote biodiversity, all coming together to form a colorful, living, breathing space that sparks creativity and wonder.

We create:

Design and Safety

Safety is a top priority throughout the design and build process, but we also believe in the value of risky play. With careful consideration and risk mitigation, we work with you to challenge your kids in a safe and engaging way, providing experiences that build confidence and independence.

We design with the future in mind, ensuring that our structures provide opportunities for challenge and growth even as your child grows older.

Maintenance Plans

Our structures are designed to withstand the test of time. To give you peace of mind, we offer maintenance plans to keep your structure looking and functioning at its best.


We prioritise nature in our play structures. Our sustainable materials are harvested with habitats in mind, resulting in beautiful and characterful finishes.

Guided by the shapes and aesthetics of natural materials, we use traditional techniques to craft play structures that are both unique and in harmony with their surroundings.


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Designing any kind of structure is a journey

Locally sourced, carbon friendly & low mileage

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