Furniture, Arbours & Carving

Furniture, Arbours & Carving

Bespoke, hand-made furniture and arbours to order in oak, sweet chestnut or western red cedar.

We make stools and chairs and benches for gardens and parks, and we make arbours to keep you sheltered as you sit and relax. As with all our work, our furniture is always bespoke and hand-made, and guided by the character of beautiful local materials of oak, sweet chestnut and larch, with sustainability in the forefront of our minds.

Our furniture and arbours can also include carvings. These carvings can either decorate the furniture (or any of our structures), or they can become the main feature as stand alone sculptures.

Interested in creating your bespoke furniture or arbour structure?

Wooden Bench with animal carvings
Tim Atkins Chainsaw Sculpture
Tim Atkins Chainsaw Sculpture

Tim Atkins

Tim Atkins, company co-founder, is a masterful chainsaw carving artist who skilfully transforms wood and tree stumps into captivating sculptures. Utilising the power and precision of a chainsaw, he brings his intricate designs to life with remarkable finesse.

Tim’s carvings are featured all over the country and you have probably come across his work in a park, forest, school or adventure playground.

Some of our Designs

Our designs are often themed by their surroundings, and we work closely with you to add magic to every space. From intricate carvings to bespoke furniture, our skilled and passionate artisans ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

We create:


We prioritise nature in our play structures. Our sustainable materials are harvested with habitats in mind, resulting in beautiful and characterful finishes.

Guided by the shapes and aesthetics of natural materials, we use traditional techniques to craft play structures that are both unique and in harmony with their surroundings.


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Designing any kind of structure is a journey

Locally sourced, carbon friendly & low mileage

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