Ongar Playground

Playground, Ongar

The Brief

This playground structure was designed for a private garden. The brief was to create a play structure with a range of heights, play features, plenty of opportunities for role play, and high energy physical play. A key part of the brief was to include a rope bridge, so this spans between two raised decks 6 feet from the floor. 

The Design

The children are still young, but all are physical very active and confident, so we designed in accessibility alongside some more challenging elements for them to grow into. 

The Result

We packed in under/over hurdles, stepping logs, a set of giant stairs with a den nestled underneath, various platforms with log ladders, a climbing wall and a firemans pole. There’s even a table and benches sheltering under one of the platforms for the children to plot their next move, or for adults to drink their coffees while the scampering continues above.


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