Treehouse in Town

Treehouse, Cambridge

The Brief

This treehouse is a magical little retreat in a beautiful back garden in the centre of Cambridge. Commissioned at the request of the Italian grandchildren of the client, the structure adds an exciting new element to the fun of the garden when they visit England.

The Design

The treehouse is designed to be safe enough for cousins of all ages to play together, but with space enough for the braver ones to sleep out overnight. 

The Result

Tucked amongst tall laylandeii, the treehouse is a semi-hidden feature in the garden, only revealing its full extent from further into the garden, looking back towards the house.

The treehouse has a windy woodlandy stair case up to the front door. Once inside, doors at each end lead out to verandas with views towards the house and up through the garden. Another slim door at the back (with a high bolt to keep the youngest safe) opens to a firemens pole for a quick exit sliding down amongst the bushes.


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