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About us

We specialise in creating structures and sculptures that are completely bespoke. Our highly specialised carpentry skills allow us to work with wood intuitively, cutting each joint with precision. We combine modern and traditional building techniques. 

Our ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability, and drives everything we do. Creating structures that stand the test of time is an essential part of this.

How it started

Tim Atkins & Duncan Dodds are from the village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire. Tim’s creative artistic talent was well known in the area, and when Tim’s children’s primary school in Exning asked him to design a woodland themed outdoor classroom, he didn’t hesitate to get started with his sketches. He asked Duncan to help build the structure, knowing he had a passion for creative carpentry. 

The visit to the woodland where Tim sculpted, looking at the trees to fell and playing around with structural ideas using twigs on the woodland floor was quite a change from visiting timber yards and looking at architectural plans…. Duncan was immediately hooked, and was planning on how to turn this into a business even before the first structure was built.

Since then, the natural progression gathering pace through schools and parents of children at the schools they visit, talking to each other, has taken them in many exciting directions. Building sensory and physical play areas, musical and water play areas, tree houses, hobbit houses, living spaces  and more.

Our Team

Our team is made of passionate and highly skilled landscapers, craftspeople, ground workers and tree surgeons. For each project, we pull the right team together. On public playgrounds, we work closely with RoSPA throughout the process of design and build. We liaise with local councils on planning and building regs as required.

Duncan Dodds

Director, Carpenter, Structure Design, Project manager

Tim Atkins

Co-founder, chainsaw sculptor, designer and craftsman

Kate Dodds

Sculptor, Artist, Designer, Cob Sculptor

Mark Herbert

CAD designer, Communications, Carpenter & Joiner

Justin Casburn

Carpenter, Project Manager

Ben Jones

Carpenter, Project Manager

Jose Gualda

Carpenter, Project Manager

Lawrence Heffer

Carpenter, General Works

Isabel Dodds De Jesus

Accounts, Communications

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