The Benefits of Learning Outside

Why is outdoor learning so good for students and for teachers?

The notion of outdoor learning has really gained momentum in recent years, especially in these post-Covid times. But apart from providing plenty of space and fresh air, there are lots of other great reasons for taking learning outside.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. It involves physical activity

Outdoor learning usually involves movement of some kind – even if it’s just a bit of walking. With most of the school day being fairly sedentary (increasingly so as students get older), it’s beneficial to mix in some more physical activity. This is good for the students’ general fitness, and helps with developing coordination and motor skills.

2. It promotes wellbeing

In addition to these physical benefits, outdoor learning is also good for students’ mental health and wellbeing. It stimulates their senses, gives them space to unwind, and has been shown to improve concentration levels.

3. It facilitates different kinds of learning

Being outside opens up different learning opportunities, for example enabling much larger scale and messier projects than indoor settings. It gives access to diverse resources and stimulants, for example different landscape features, plants or types of weather. It sets the scene for learning skills such as cooperation and team building.

4. It fosters a connection to the natural environment

Outdoor learning connects students to the natural world, helps them understand their place in it, and fosters a sense of ownership of and responsibility for it.

We’re passionate about the benefits of learning outside, and we specialise in creating bespoke outdoor classrooms and play structures to support it. 

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