Building a Woodland Composting Toilet

What is a composting Toilet?

A composting toilet is an odourless, natural, organic way of disposing of bodily fluids, that uses no water or chemicals. A compost toilet works by separating liquids & solids, storing them in different tanks, allowing the solids to be converted into humus. Humus is the organic, nutrient-rich component found in soil and returning humus to the ground offers the same benefits as using animal manure bought at a garden centre on your flower beds!

Woodland Composting Toilet

Why use one?

They are incredibly environmentally friendly, especially if you are using a batch toilet like the one we have built. They use no water, no electricity and require no plumbing.

These reasons also make composting toilets great for campsites or ‘off-grid’ locations. Composting toilets also smell LESS than normal toilets and once the waste has turned to humus, it’s completely safe to handle & discard of, resembling something like topsoil. All you need to do is do your business, cover it with sawdust and wait!

Making an outdoor toilet beautiful

Recently we were asked to create an outdoor toilet for a campsite deep in the heart of Suffolk woodland, the one rule being we build in Artisan Structures style. Immediately we were on board, excited by the task of turning a bog-standard loo (forgive the pun) into something beautiful.

The Result

We couldn’t be happier with how the compost toilet bas turned out! We’ve achieved exactly what we set out to do with this project, which was to not only make an outdoor toilet beautiful, but for the structure to complement its environment and feel like it belongs there. We used some truly stunning wood for this build, the larch planks on the front are a particular favourite of ours!

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