Building & Sculpting with Cob

What is cob?

Cob is a building material that has quite literally stood the test of time with some cob structures dating back to the 13th century! It consists of a mixture of sand, clay, straw, and water. The ingredients are worked by hand and/or foot and once properly mixed form a mud-like substance which can then be moulded into bricks or other shapes, which then hardens into something more akin to concrete.

Why do we use cob?

Aside from it’s time tested durability and eco-friendly ingredients, cob adds an extra touch of beauty to a woodland structure. Throw in some colourful glass bottles for light to pour through, sweet chestnut logs or a wall sculpture and you end up with a truly unique addition to the finished project that captures the magic of the woods. We have also found using cob to be a great way to get our clients involved, whether that be picking out the glass bottles and choosing where they’ll go, helping us make the mixture or letting the children get stuck in by joining us on building the cob wall.

Using cob in our work

Having used cob in a few of our projects, we’ve realised how stunning incorporating woodwork and earth building can be. What we’ve found through creating these structures, is that unique touches, such as a cob wall or sculpture, can really bring a project to life.

The beauty of cob

Cob is durable and sustainable, and we love it for that. But the best thing about cob, is how sculptural it is. Every part of your cob wall has been kneaded and mix until it’s exactly the right consistency, and then built up by hand.  The beautiful, tactile, organic forms which result, are showstopping.

Interested in creating your own magical outdoor structure?

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