The Owls Nest

Play Structure, Cambridge

The Brief

The Owls Nest was to be built in a private garden in central Cambridge and was commissioned to replace an existing play structure that was no longer in use. The brief was to create a play structure to incorporate both challenging and imaginative play, at the same time as bringing a woodland feel to a city garden.

The Design

Seeing as the structure was going to be nestled in and amongst existing trees, we needed to ensure that whatever we built felt like it belonged there. We wanted The Owls Nest to melt into the foliage behind it, as if it was there first and a forest had grown around it. This approach allowed us to create an imaginative, fairytale-esque structure that maximized the use of space we were working in.

The Result

The structure is comprised of seasoned oak, sweet chestnut, willow and thatch. It features a thatched roof, climbing rope, willow fencing, an indoor and outdoor space, a spiral slide and a beautiful oak stairway.


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