Our Projects

  • Pirates Of The Fens

    Pirates Of The Fens

    The Pirates of The Fens pirate ship was built especially for Comberton Playgroup to help celebrate their 50 year anniversary.

  • Oak & Larch Play Structure

    Oak & Larch Play Structure

    The Oak & Larch Play Structure was built to maximise the use of space in a small central Cambridge garden.

  • Wonder Tower

    Wonder Tower

    Wonder Tower was built for the very first Wonder of Wood Show and holds a very special place in our…

  • Woodland Composting Toilet

    Woodland Composting Toilet

    Recently we were asked to create an outdoor toilet for a campsite deep in the heart of Suffolk woodland, the…

  • The Owls Nest

    The Owls Nest

    The Owls Nest was built in a private garden in central Cambridge and was commissioned to replace an existing play…

  • The Woodcutter’s Cottage

    The Woodcutter’s Cottage

    The Woodcutter’s Cottage was built in a private garden in the Centre of Cambridge. It was designed to incorporate both…

  • Tangle Tower

    Tangle Tower

    Tangle Tower draws inspiration from an old woodland lookout tower hidden deep in the heart of a magical forest. It…

  • The Oak Cottage

    The Oak Cottage

    The Oak Cottage was created for a local play area just outside Cambridge, they wanted a structure that catered more…

  • St Paul’s  Reception and Year One Play Area

    St Paul’s Reception and Year One

    Our aim of bringing the woodland theme to schools was achieved more than ever on this project

  • St Paul’s C of E Primary School,  Cambridge – The Monster

    St Paul’s C of E Primary School,

    This play area leans towards challenging, risky play, where the children can’t help but to gain upper body strength and…

  • Newnham Croft School

    Newnham Croft School

    The play area gives the children a feeling of being in a magical woodland village, and it provides physical challenges…

  • Lake House

    Lake House

    For this outdoor dining area we created beautiful, organic shapes that blend in with the trees and pond to make a…

  • Thatched Tree House

    Thatched Tree House

    If you would like to have a walk around in one of our structures, this is it! It was built…

  • Wormhole


    We designed this structure to be dismantled and later rebuilt on site. We custom built this hobbit house in six panels, that…

  • Man Cave

    Man Cave

    A wonderfully challenging structure to build and worth every head-scratch!

  • Furniture


    We make bespoke benches, tables and other outdoor furniture as part of a structure or individual commission. Prices available on request.

  • Carvings


    We offer carvings on furniture and structures when commissioned as part of garden design or playground structure. Prices available on…

  • Chestnut Cottage

    Chestnut Cottage

    Chestnut Cottage was built using sweet chestnut in the round for the structure with oak cladding on two faces and…

  • Mud Kitchen

    Mud Kitchen

    This bespoke mud kitchen allows children to learn through play in a fun and engaging way. You can’t help but…

  • The Walnut Tree House

    The Walnut Tree House

    This structure was really enjoyable to work on, from discussing the design ideas with the customer through to the final…

  • Chestnut Tree House

    Chestnut Tree House

    This tree house play structure is designed for nursery age children all the way up to adulthood.

  • Palmers Lodge

    Palmers Lodge

    This living space is built using sweet chestnut from local woodland, and green oak wall plates and rafters. This structure creates…

  • Exning School

    Exning School

    The first outdoor classroom we ever built. We were asked to build a structure that would feel magical for the children.

  • Millington Road

    Millington Road

    We built several elements in this play garden. The Look-out is designed to conceal a bunker and take small children up…

  • The Hideaway

    The Hideaway

    An octagonal structure, named The Hideaway by the school children, set in a beautiful spinney on the schools ground.

  • Langley Lodge

    Langley Lodge

    A combined outdoor classroom and stage for the village summer events. The front two panels are removable to create the full…