Tangle Tower

Tangle Tower

Tangle Tower was built to provide children with real and adventurous play that aids in building body strength, spatial awareness and lets their imaginations run wild. This is one of those projects that stemmed from nothing but pure passion. The idea came to us at the beginning of this year and we set about designing and building, with it growing into this adventure-play fuelled structure with each day we spent on it.

We drew inspiration from an old woodland lookout tower hidden deep in the heart of a forest, imagining what it would look like if it had been taken over by magical woodland creatures - You can see this in the way that the sweet chestnut branch grows up through the roof and the climbable log tangle within structure’s legs that weave in and around each other.

As mentioned above, our aim was to create something that not only fueled imaginative play but also provided a way to help children build up their strength and get to grips with what’s in their surroundings. We are happy to say that Tangle Tower has now made its home, nestled at the end of an expansive garden in a small Cambridgeshire village.

The structure is comprised of seasoned oak, cedar and sweet chestnut. It features a climbing wall, monkey bars, a steep stairway, slide, climbable log tangle at the towers base and window flower boxes, as well as a beautifully carved owl and two mushrooms made by our good friend and fellow craftsman Tim Atkins.

Tangle Tower.