St Paul’s C of E Primary School, Cambridge – The Monster

St Paul’s C of E Primary School, Cambridge – The Monster

The Monster was built to replace an old play structure (that was called the monster!). Again we went through our design process with the school, observing the children to see what they liked about the old structure, and taking onboard the key things that the PTA and school wanted in the new one.

The tick list was pretty big, but we managed to get everything they wanted incorporated into the area. This play area consists of: climbing and abseiling wall, monkey bars, rope bridge, fireman's pole, tree house, log ladder, climbing nets and a slide.

The important thing with this area was that it allowed the children to complete circuits through and around the structure in many different ways, also creating areas where they could step out of the way and have some quiet time in places under the tree house, or under the floor structure. It was a real challenge to incorporate so many elements of play without it feeling cluttered, and extremely rewarding to see it being so well received by the children and teachers.

This play area leans towards challenging, risky play, where the children can’t help but to gain upper body strength and all round confidence, as they test themselves in different ways as they grow.

St. Paul's C Of E Primary School, Cambridge.