Play Structures, Treehouses & Dens

Play Structures, Treehouses & Dens

Adventurous, magical and imaginative! Our play structures and treehouses are suitable for public spaces and private gardens.

Play Structures are where we unleash our inner kid and design for fun. We make sweet little dens for kids to hide and feel safe, and high up places for a sense of excitement and danger and a different view of the world. We make hidey holes and log tangles, climbing walls and monkey bars, swings, platforms and slides. We make mud kitchens, stations for sand and water play, nooks to read books all in our magical woodland style to inspire wonder, creativity and varied role play.

Whether your kids like to run along screaming or quietly hide away, whether they’re careful to balance or don’t mind falling, whether they clamber up and jump off or potter about pouring cups of sand, their style of play will always form the centre of our brief.

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See an Artisan Structures playground in action

Playground at the Five Bells Pub in Burwell

This play area was built with twisting logs, curved planks and bespoke carving to create a magical space for children to enjoy. 

This project was really fun to design and build. The criteria was to have lots of different elements of play, challenging upper body strength, balance, confidence and also enhancing imaginative play.

Design and Safety

Whilst we keep a keen eye on safety throughout the design and build processes, we heartily encourage risky play. We weigh up the dangers carefully and diligently mitigate risks, but we’re mindful of the benefits of risky play too – we’ll work with you to challenge your kids as much as is safe, and help give them experiences that exhilarate and grow confidence and independence. We also keep the future in mind; if we’re designing for your 5 year old we won’t forget to keep elements of challenge for after they’ve turned 12.

Our long experience building structures and observing play, for schools, clubs, nature reserves and in private gardens, has given us great expertise in designing routes around and through a play structure to keep the flow of play, and in providing elements with a variety of levels of difficulty to ensure everyone is included but those who want more challenging options can be stretched too.


We design and build our play structures with a nature first attitude. Our materials are harvested with habitats, miles on the road and sustainability as a priority, and we’re pleased that this also results in the most beauty and quirky character in the finish. Our building process is always guided by the shapes and aesthetics of these noble natural materials, using true craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

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