The Wormhole has created a whole secret world for children in a family garden.

Built using waney-edged sweet chestnut planks for the walls with woven willow inserts, the windows are edged with sweet chestnut with the bark left on, as is the window box. Finished off with a cedar shingle roof, the whole effect is cuteness itself.

This could be situated in a private garden or public setting or playground.

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  1. This is adorable!! I am looking for quick plans because I am not an expert builder but really want a playhouse for the littles this year. My oldest turns 4 next week & would LOVE to give her a playhouse for her birthday. Yours looks like I MIGHT be able to accomplish it in time. Thank you!
    • Alice Willitts
      So glad you found inspiration in our work. Did you make it in time?

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