For the Walnut Treehouse we started with a majestic walnut tree and a desire for a treehouse for the owner's children but also a place where they could relax. This structure in a private garden was really enjoyable to work on, from discussing the design ideas with the owners through to the final day of the build.

The final structure has a double set of swings, a slide, a sandpit, a ramp, a tree house with woven willow walls, children's benches, adult benches and table. It is designed for children to have fun in, and for adults to be able to make themselves comfortable in the shade.

Building around an existing walnut tree was a great buzz. We built the floors in such a way that the relevant planks can easily be removed and recut to fit the tree as it grows. Awesome!

We really focused on making the structure flow into the surrounding garden. The willow really helps it blend in and the sweet chestnut roof on round winding wall plates, give it a completely unique look.

The entire structure is built with sweet chestnut that we coppiced ourselves, apart from some structural joists. It has an oak upper and lower deck, and at no point touches the walnut tree.

For more on this project see the Walnut Tree House project page and more on our other tree houses.


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