Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms

Classrooms for schools and nature reserves, a beautiful outdoor shelter amongst the natural environment.

Each one is unique, designed for your needs and dictated by the character of the natural materials we use. Whether you are running a forest school, a grow-to-eat edible garden, or just looking for a change in environment to run maths lessons, enjoy more time outside under the shade and shelter of a beautiful shingled roof.

Our outdoor classrooms and learning spaces have character and attention to detail like no others. We use traditional skills to build in a way that proudly displays the natural beauty of our selected materials. We’ve made classrooms that transform into stages, and stages that transform into shady study places. Our blended structures provide the perfect environment for healthy learning, and pleasant teaching.

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Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms

The benefits of outdoor classrooms are well-documented:

  • Increased attention and participation by being in a fresh natural environment,
  • Calming surroundings
  • Understanding nature through direct experience
  • Supporting patterns for active healthy lifestyle.¬†

We also know it’s nice to be able to send kids off to forage and collect, and to be able to reconvene in an inspiring place to share the finds, without the fuss of putting on and taking off boots and coats, and without thinking about treading rotting fruits into the carpets indoors. Our beautifully built, woodland style classrooms & waney furniture make the perfect place to connect with nature.

Sustainable Practices

If your aim is to help kids form an early connection with nature and build environmental stewardship, what better place than amongst majestic, sustainably coppiced, sweet chestnut. Our lovely waney edged boards are from a single estate near Bury St Edmunds, and our structural posts of branchy chestnut in-the-round tell their story of a sustainable coppice in Essex. We often give talks about the magic of coppicing in school assemblies, and have helped teachers use our structures to add woodland management and sustainable practices to the curriculum.

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