We work on a design to build model which means that we expect to both design and then build your project. Charging a design fee, separate from our construction costs, allows us time to listen. We take time to understand what drives your vision. We have time to create appropriate solutions that meet your needs and deliver the greatest value for the project.


Working through a design idea with models:




You benefit from our creative design and planning skills and we know that everything we design is both possible and well thought through. We believe that that continuity of quality and understanding afforded by the design-to-build model is ideal for bespoke projects. The design fee is off-set by the overall cost of the build because effective design reduces overall build costs and project management time.


Finalising a design with models:


Bringing the concept together


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We are partnered with local garden designer, Alice Willitts of Willow & Wren. We like the beauty, not to mention common sense, of integrating any new structure into a garden or public setting. A well designed layout and planting plan, that has been developed alongside the new structures, settles the new build into the landscape.