Yew Walkway

Living Spaces, Cambridge

The Brief

Tucked behind the beautiful planting in a private garden, we were tasked to build a tangled route up and around a large yew hedge, giving height and to provide loads of physical fun for adults and children.

The Design

Hidden from first view, amongst the plants, you’ll find a set of stairs up to an octagonal playhouse on a raised deck. From this deck, you can see the tangle of balance beams and stepping logs below, weaving behind the thickly planted borders. At the back of the deck, a cargo net leads up to higher platform, with a fireman’s pole and a rope bridge. From the wobbly bridge you can see back to the main house in one direction, or out over the neihbouring paddock of horses the opposite way. Woven willow barriers given a privacy screen and reflect the continuous willow fence that encloses the entire garden below.

The Result

Over the rope bridge, you’ll find a climbing wall which goes up and over handrail height, followed with more ropework below so you can reach a set of monkey bars without ever touching the ground. Back up on the deck, you find other ways down: a thick abseiling rope, a long slide and a sweet chestnut log ladder, and finally a large sedate deck for adults to socialise looking out over the garden. A long feature stair case, with a turn, leads back down to the lawn.


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