Old Oak Tree House And Bridge

Treehouse, Cambridgeshire

The Brief

The over all vision when designing this tree house was that it would offer a comfortable view over the surrounding land, eventually blend in with its surrounding woodland (including the tree it sits in), and was safe for people of all ages to use. The stair case needed to be built in a way that allowed a space underneath the structure for people to cross the bridge.

The Result

We feel that we achieved this criteria,  we are so happy and proud of this structure. The weather conditions and proximity of the structure were both elements working against us, which makes it all the more rewarding to see how well it turned out. It was a great journey of design and build with the client, there is no doubt that this structure will be very well used and appreciated for many years.

The entire structure, including the flooring, is built with sweet chestnut, apart from stress graded pine joists.



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