Kings Hobbit House

King’s Ely Acremont Hobbit House

Hobbit House, Ely

The Brief

To build a hobbit house for imaginative and sensory play, in keeping with the tree house play structure we built for them a few years before. Magical, whimsical, fun and natural, were all words used for the design.

The Result

It has a living sedum roof, with the sedum being grown locally in Cambridgeshire. The sweet chestnut used for the structure came from a local coppice, and the oak cladding came from Rougham Estate.

The cob feature wall was great fun to design and build. The clay used for the cob came from Burwell, Cambridgeshire and the stones used to make the plinth came from Ely Cathedral, from historical work carried out in the past. What an honour to be allowed to use this in the project.

The oak branches we used for the entrance came from a tree felled in the same garden, due to disease. We also sculptured the mushroom seats out of the felled tree. Great to give them a home!


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